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Striving to better the surfaces we touch every day.


DrivePur is an environmentally friendly product that creates an anti-bacterial protection on the interior surfaces of your vehicles.

  This invisible long-lasting coating actively protects surfaces from the buildup of bacteria, mold, germs and allergens. The treatment is 100% GREEN and is safe for family & pets. The treatment lasts up to 3+ months. 

  DrivePur is a water-based mineral which is activated by ultraviolet rays, air and moisture. The product is applied to the interior of a vehicle with a “fog” type machine. The product coats the inside surfaces of a vehicle in a matter of minutes and lasts for 3+ months!

When you bring your car for treatment, we will follow a careful procedure to ensure the cleanliness of the car interior. 

  We will begin with an ozone generator to purify the surfaces in the car. Then we will use a vacuum and spray disinfectant to clean the interior. Finally, we will spray DrivePur, which will protect the surfaces of your car from bacteria, germs, and allergens for 6+ months. 

  The DrivePur product is made up of Titanium Dioxide and Chlorine Dioxide. These are unique water-based minerals designed to purify surfaces with long lasting effects. The Titanium Dioxide is a photocatalysis, meaning that sunlight allows it to purify at a higher rate than normal. This makes DrivePur anti bacterial, self cleaning, and air purifying. 

Dr. Oz

Your vehicle can be transporting illness-causing bacteria like E.coli, Enterobacteria (feces), Serratia (vomit) and mold that exacerbates asthma.

The real risk of a car germs increases with more passengers in the car, particularly younger ones, which increases the odds of more people sneezing and coughing, leaving a trail of germs behind.

Intelligence for your Life

Researchers found an average of 356 germs per square centimeter on the gear shift and fungi in air vents, which get recirculated when you turn on the air conditioner or heater.

ABC News
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