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Maintenance, Detailing
& other Services 

Service and Maintenance:

$75 minimum charge.

TEXT/call/stop by for an estimate. A minimum charge may apply.

Shop rate starts at $100/hour depending upon service rendered, up to $150/hour. 

Sample of the services we perform

  • Winterization

    • basic( fresh water drain, RV antifreeze to all P traps, quick roof inspect)

    • full service (Includes Basic + Engine coolant test, Oil changes (Eng+Gen), all fluid levels, roof/exterior inspection, coach battery inspect,  more)

  • Roof and exterior inspection, sealing and repairs

  • Glass repair and replacement

  • Slide Preventive Maintenance and repairs

  • Exterior washing (Seasonal limitations apply)

  • Interior detailing

  • Electronic, plumbing, other repairs (Some limits apply)

    • Coach battery systems​

    • appliance (Frig/heater/controls/etc)

    • generators 

    • inverters/converters

    • 110VAC power systems

    • Relays/switches/lights

    • control panels

    • Sensors and more

    • Coach plumbing repairs and maintenance

    • Vents, pumps, tanks

    • Propane appliances diagnostics and repair

    • Automotive systems diagnostics and repair

    • Auxiliary systems (Levelers, slides and more)

  • Generator repair, tune up and replacement

  • Oil and filter changes (Engine and generator)

  • Vehicle Chassis repairs and maintenance

  • Floor installation and repair

  • Estimates for repairs are available, (a minimum charge may apply)

Detailing: Please call or text for prices and options: Large SUV/Large Truck/Vans 


ozone treatment 

interior scrub and wash 


shampoo upholstery & carpet

clean mats

condition treatment of leather surfaces

DrivePur application - optional

Exterior Wash 

ak deets bro.jpg



Our staff at Alaska Family Details will do the very best to care for your car while being serviced.

We are not responsible for anything left in the vehicle at the time of drop off or any interior/exterior items that may break or fall off during our detail/service process.


Additional fees may be added for excessive/extreme service cleaning or repair beyond the initial scope of the service rendered. At AFMH we will do our best to communicate an estimate of unforeseen major repairs needed during or prior to pre-authorized repairs. Your immediate response time is needed to authorize or decline initial or additional service or a significant delay may result. 

Car Waxing
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